A Different Kind of Green Screen

Atmosphere is everything when choosing a location to highlight your client, product, or creative project. Booking is available for photo/ video shoots in the greenhouse, garden, outdoor deck and inside Good Neighbor.  A curated collection of plants and flowers are always changing for an urban oasis location that never goes stale.  Have a vision in mind? Let’s grow it together. 

the greenhouse

urban jungle

Surround your model with soft light and vibrant greens. Immerse yourself in the magic of our little green jungle. 

the garden

fresh, colorful, bold

Wander around our gardens and find the perfect spot to photograph your model. The vibrant colors and fresh flowers are sure to brighten up any shoot.  

the studio

a contemporary approach

The studio is home to the dry flower bar. You'll find a selection of vases, containers, and unique home items to add timeless flair to your home or event. 

good neighbor

modern, minimalist, serene  

discover the serene beauty of minimalism and surround yourself with tastefully curated modern objects and furniture.

Custom Arrangements& Prop Styling

Considering making florals a part of your shoot? Why not! Here at the Greenhouse we can create a unique arrangement for your model to hold or  perhaps just use as a prop! Include a note in your e-mail saying you'd like to include an arrangement in your project. We'll do the rest.