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Updated: Jan 20, 2021

To honor the familiar faces who continue to champion us through our journey, we will feature a monthly community profile. We can't wait to feature your stories, plant collections, flower feats and acts of community love in Baltimore.

We proudly introduce our new friend and wonderful supporter of The Greenhouse and D.C #plantkid, Mtokufa.

Mtokufa (mm-toe-coo-fah) descends from farmers so the plant life comes naturally to him - even in his DC apartment. Growing up, watering hundreds of plants in his families gardens and greenhouses may have felt like a chore but now caring for his greenery is a part of his own self care routine. “Plants are a solace,” he explained one afternoon on our deck. Especially the African Violet and Elephant Ear! These are his family plants, plants his mother cultivates to the day - “They’re strong but they need a lot of attention!”

In just a matter of weeks Mtokufa has already made the trip to Baltimore five times to visit the shop. We appreciate the energy and enthsiasm he has for what we are cultivating in Hampden. We especially love seeing how the plants he brings home from Greenhouse find a new home in his tropical space among his mother's African violets.

Thanks for being part of our community, @mtokufa_! Portraits by @mother.and.wild

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