Introducing The Greenhouse Home Craft Series

Updated: Jan 24, 2021

January 2021. A time to stay inside. A time to cozy up, queue up season 1 of LOST and of course, mist your ferns. We are proud to introduce these simple activities to add a little color to an otherwise hibernation-worthy winter.

You can purchase any of the following kits from our home craft series on the Good Neighbor Shop site.

All of these kids are simple, fun and beautiful. We can't help but favor the dried floral diffuser. Reed diffusers smell SO good. But honestly, they are lacking some style. We have chosen real, preserved flowers with woody stems for a new kind of diffuser that looks as good as it smells. Displayed in a modern glass vase - you can't go wrong!

Practice your hand at arranging dried flowers and enjoy one of two homemade scents, energizing eucalyptus or Grounding Vanilla.

But there are more!

Create a pressed flower design, displayed between two pieces of hinged glass. Hang your Sun Catcher in a window or on a wall and let the reflections fill your home.

This is not your moms potpourri. You have to SMELL this to believe it. And it's so pretty. Perfect addition to a self care routine while you read, breathe or enjoy a bath.

This gorgeous professional flower press was handmade by another local small business, Imogene Grey. Pressing flowers is addicting so get ready!

Here is a lovely gift to send a far away friend who could use these lil' bits of joy! A simple craft calls us to be thoughtful and find beauty in the smallest bitty pieces of nature.

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Have you been DIY-ing your way through quarantine? Share your kit creations with us on instagram by tagging us at @thegreenhousebaltimore!

Happy home crafting.

oxox, The Greenhouse

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