Up-Cycle your V-Day Vases! From Simple to Stunning!

Updated: Feb 17, 2021

How to Up-cycle your vases: Terra-cotta style.

Credit to Geneva Vanderzeil for the brilliant idea!

Let's be honest you received a bouquet that you just aren't in love with before completely giving up on how you can style your flowers and vase. There is always customization to create precisely what you envision. It will look stunning in any space, plus it is a much-rewarded experience when you successfully complete a DIY project!

What you’ll need:

-Thrifted or gifted vases - Feel free to use any shape or size


-Paint brush

-Baking powder

-A mixing bowl

-Your custom Greenhouse at Good Neighbor bouquet ready for final touches!

Step 1 :

Start by mixing the paint of your choice with a teaspoon of baking powder. It will create a thick chalk-like texture. The more baking powder you add, the coarser, the less you add will create a thin and smoother consistency.

Step 2:

Take your vase and apply your new mixture by using sweeping brush strokes.

Step 3:

Let it dry. Feel free to apply multiple coats for more coverage and texture! Glass typically needs more coats than ceramic does!

Step 4:

Let your vase dry completely. That's it!

Step 5:

To breathe even more new life to your DIY project, add a custom bouquet from The Greenhouse to elevate your vase!

The possibilities are endless. The Greenhouse Baltimore Team is here to support your ideas with How to's and ways you can make your arrangements more personalized to your unique style.

How to Customize Your Vase with Textured Spray Paint

Credit to Nadine Stay for this crafty solution!

Image Credits to Nadine Stay.

What you'll need:

-Thrifted or gifted vases

-Spray paint primer

-Textured spray paint (Speckled, Solids, Textured)

-Sanding block

Step 1:

The best results start by cleaning your vase you'd like to upcycle and let it dry completely.

Step 2:

Once dry, apply an even coat of spray primer over each vessel. This creates the perfect surface for your paint to adhere to.

Step 3:

If your vase feels gritty to touch, sand it down using a sanding block, so it is smooth and ready for the next layer of spray paint. Wipe it clean with a dry cloth!

Step 4:

Pick your spray paint of choice. There’s Speckled, Solids and Textured paints and many more to choose from. Begin spraying an even layer to your vase. You are welcome to spray several coats to reach your desired look!

Textured paint can take a long time to dry, so set it to the side and come back to it in about 24hrs.

Finish your DIY project with a lovely plant or flowers to bring everything together and place it in your home to create a moment that you will always love.

Cover Image Credits to Geneva Vanderzeil.

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