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Updated: Jan 24, 2021

Welcome to "IN BLOOM" a blog by The Greenhouse at Good Neighbor.

If you have made your way up to our little Baltimore oasis - thank you! The Greenhouse is five months into its first season after opening in August of 2020. What a sprawling ride it has been! This blog is a place for our neighbors to read about the latest events, news and of course current plants and flowers in the space.

The Greenhouse invites you to participate and extend the joy and benefits of plant life with the greater community.

You can look forward to:

Monthly Community Highlights:

We'll introduce a member of the Greenhouse community who has a light to share with all of us. The Greenhouse at Good Neighbor is florals, plants, design and most importantly, community. So if you have a head turning plant collection, floral design feat or a green-centered project that grows Baltimore - hit us up! Share your art and spread the love.


Stay at home and craft it up using dried florals and plants. Check out our winter D.I.Y craft series or send to a friend who needs a lift while they are staying at home.

Plant Care:

Geek out on plants and learn tips from plant loving hobbyists in our city.

Flower Power:

Get design tips and up your skills with arrangement tutorials. Learn about flower sourcing, growing and the robust community of flower farmers in Maryland!


Get Dirty! Sign up for virtual and in person workshops and discussions where you can get hands on with a plant or flower based project. We are talking terrariums, dry arrangements, mossy polls, centerpiece design, kokodamas, mounted plants and more.


We will post highlights here from The Greenhouse Garden Club. Join the club and join us for repotting days, garden harvesting, garden talks, demonstrations and specials on our collection of plants.

The Greenhouse is a space that welcomes all and makes an intentional and crucial effort to include and uplift the voices and contributions of marginalized individuals, women and BIPOC. Working with plants and flowers as an art form is a privilege. Green spaces reduce violence. A delicate plant can lighten your mood and clean the air. A single bloom can provide soothing medicine. These gifts from the earth are to be both shared and protected by all of us. By creating access and igniting knowledge and passion - we encourage you to dig in; create a DIY bouquet, root cuttings, learn species, plant your row home garden or farm in a city lot.

We hope at the very least, you'll come take a seat in the garden.

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