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Bunny Tails

Lagurus Ovatus

The incredibly soft and unbelievably cute nature of the Lagarus Ovatus, has resulted in several common names such as “Bunny Tail”, “Rabbit’s Tail” and “Hare’s Tail”. The undeniable resemblance to a soft little bunny tail and the wide range of colors available has resulted in this special little grass becoming a shop favorite.

These little tufted stems love sun and sandy coastlines. It can frequently be found growing in the summer months along the Meditteranean coastlines. Don’t worry though, you don’t need to find yourself sunbathing along the Spanish coastline to stumble upon this fan favorite. Bunny tails can also be found in meadows and grasslands and along roadsides. Godspeed!

Bunny tails are very frequently dyed in an array of colors to add pops of color to any arrangement. A spectrum of colors such as purple, pink, yellow, blue and more have made their way through The Greenhouse and into your arrangements!

We love seeing what you do with your bunny tails.

Bundle together a dozen to create a soft and delicate arrangement, or add it to a collection of other stems! Either way, there is no going wrong with these soft fellas!

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