The Garden

Somewhat of an Eden...

The Greenhouse at Good Neighbor garden was planted in 2020 with pollinator attracting perennials and flowers for cutting and designing with in our studio. Join us in the changing seasons and take a hand in making the garden a place for everyone in our community to enjoy.


We hope our gardens inspire and delight you. Schedule a consult with our garden specialists to plant your own oasis, no matter how small. 

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Garden Flowers

Grown not Flown

Flowers at the Greenhouse are grown on site using seeds, plugs, bulbs and starters from Maryland Flower farmers and perennial plant growers.

Additional flowers you might find arranged weekly during the growing season are sourced from our flower farming partners, Butterbee Farm, Hillen Homestead and Two Boots Farm to name a few!

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You can start a garden! Request a consult and gain the confidence you need to design and install your own slice of urban green. 

Dream Up Your Green Space

Dream big and design your indoor or outdoor greenspace with one of our design specialists. Join our garden community to build your garden know-how and tend to a space all your own. 

For more information on our Landscaping Services, click the link below.

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Greenspaces play an integral role in the social, economic and physical landscape of any city.  As good neighbors, we work to promote equity and access to resources and spaces that improve our community. 

 We believe that gardening and sharing knowledge around growing and tending to plants deepens our connection to nature and one another.

 Join our community for workshops, discussions, volunteer days, repotting sessions and special sales.


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